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Springsteen Lyrics

A blog dedicated to the lyrics of the incredible Bruce Springsteen.

I love Bruce, and I love the way he uses words. It's that simple. If you like what I'm doing here, please reblog, and spread the word. Submissions are very welcome.

In honour of my weekend of Bruce…. 

….(I went to both Melbourne shows this weekend) I have figured out the password to this tumblr and am going to start posting again. 

I’m no longer going to tag/link who posts were submitted by; I’ll make your submissions, but the process of linking to the submitter’s profile etc etc is far too tedious, and given that I haven’t posted in a year, I obviously don’t have much of an attention span for this, anyway….  :S

But Springsteen-Lyrics will be back on the air over the next couple of days, so stay tuned.



Dec 13th at 2PM / 8 notes

I got a ticket to see Springsteen in March! (well, one for me, one for my aunt).

The website crashed and I’m super pissed off, I was at the front of the queue and it froze, and I missed out on getting decent seats. But, I’m still happy to be going at all. 


In July this year I left my job in Holland early and flew from Amsterdam to Prague to see Bruce and the band play - because I thought it would probably be my only chance ever to see them, as they hadn’t been to Australia in a long time (I’ve since moved back to Australia).


Last week, it was announced that he’s playing at least two shows in my city. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

They go on sale tomorrow morning. I need to snag two tickets - one for me, and one for my aunt.

Wish me luck.

Or looks to long in your face. I love what you're doing here. Favorite Springsteen album? 

Thank you! I’m glad.

Favourite album - it’s a tough choice. Nebraska was the first one I heard, and I’ll always love it. But Born To Run has Thunder Road, and my love for that song knows no bounds. I also really love Darkness On The Edge Of Town. It’s a toss up between the latter two, because Thunder Road and Darkness On The Edge Of Town (song) really own my heart. Having said that, there are a number of albums I haven’t heard in full or have only listened to once. This isn’t because I’m a bad/fake fan - I just don’t download music, and don’t have much money to spend on CDs these days. I’ll get there.
What’s your favourite?

Feeling a lot of love for this song right now.

Feeling a lot of love for this song right now.

Dec 5th at 7AM / 4 notes

(Sorry about the sudden burst of posts, reblogging some old posts that I like, after I discovered I’d started to double-up on a few lyrics….)

(Source: springsteen-lyrics)

(Source: springsteen-lyrics)


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